GR24 Beams


GR24 Beams

The lattice girder R 24 has a robust design making it a break proof, durable and hence economical formwork support for all building applications. The lattice girder R 24 is the right choice as part of formwork on ceilings and walls, and also when it comes to producing standard or special formwork elements.

Flange, brace and end post: Made of special pine wood, Nordic quality with a narrow annual ring width.


Assembly: The wooden flanges, braces and end posts are glued together by means of bonding pegs.


Grid intervals in metres: 0,90, 1,20, 1,50, 1,80, 2,10, 2,40, 2,70, 3,00, 3,30,3,60, 3,90, 4,20, 4,50, 4,80, 5,10, 5,40, 5,70, 6,00.

Technical Data

Permissible stresses and bearing forces End bearing forces in the cases of simple and continues beams.

Bearing forces for continuous and cantilever beams 

Screen Shot 2020-06-10 at 4.02.19 PM


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